Technology - A Boon or a Curse

Technology-A Boon or a Curse
Today, each person is in hangover of using the most recent gadget. Every new gadget has new technology in it, every new technology brings in a little more of ease to work along with style. A large number of youth, aging between 16 and 30 or even greater than 30 years of age are overwhelmed with the idea of getting a newer gadget.

Mainly the gadget includes mobiles, laptops, ipads, ipods, wrist watches, etc. This trend seems to carry away everyone as easy as carrying light feathers. Nobody is contented in this arena, if there is a new one, ditch the old and get the new one now. For all those who purchase this, is a BOON.(Oh really!!!) This could be because of the show-off between people, status quo, I am the best, I am with latest, etc. Parents often listen to their teen age children, take their suggestion while upgrading their gadgets(rather down grading!!!). Any person who needs a cell phone or a laptop, should check whether the requirements(will narrate …


Hypocrisy in India

This is one of my favorite topics that I would like to write about. I have been brought up in a very happening city of India, Bangalore. Most of the schools there, are English medium schools. Well, my school was not a very named school(Kumar English School, Seshadripuram) but I think, I got the best of the education from that school. I am very thankful to all the lovely dedicated teachers who gave me my best building blocks to my education profile. Nevertheless, English was spoken by all the teachers except for the language teachers.And so average students(myself)and above average students were competant enough to converse with a convent educated. And I take pride in mentioning my High school too. Gandhinagar Higher Secondary School. The teachers there had a fluent spoken english with best vocabulary. All the readers are now wondering what exactly is the point of topic. Yes, I am trying to talk about the spoken English.
What I believe is, a child starts learning right…