Hypocrisy in India

This is one of my favorite topics that I would like to write about. I have been brought up in a very happening city of India, Bangalore. Most of the schools there, are English medium schools. Well, my school was not a very named school(Kumar English School, Seshadripuram) but I think, I got the best of the education from that school. I am very thankful to all the lovely dedicated teachers who gave me my best building blocks to my education profile. Nevertheless, English was spoken by all the teachers except for the language teachers.And so average students(myself)and above average students were competant enough to converse with a convent educated. And I take pride in mentioning my High school too. Gandhinagar Higher Secondary School. The teachers there had a fluent spoken english with best vocabulary. All the readers are now wondering what exactly is the point of topic. Yes, I am trying to talk about the spoken English.

What I believe is, a child starts learning right from birth, rather even before that; remember "Abhimanyu". Also the child has the ability to learn and grasp multiple languages and use them appropriately. Currently, I reside in Rajasthan. Ever since, I have shifted here, I have seen parents and grandparents criticize the language english while they hear anyone speak english.

angrez chale gaye, peeche in angrezo ko chod gaye
yeh dekho aa gaya angrez
angrez ki aulad

and finally, they want their wards to study in english medium school. That's not all. They discuss with teachers in parents teachers meeting that their ward is unable to speak english. When a child gets unexpected marks, they shout and scream that "english school mein padhane ka kya fayda hua, is se acha ye hota ki government school mein padhte". The same parents when they see an educated and wise couple talking to their six months child in english, start commenting, “hindi kyon nahi sikhate".

Isn’t that a hypocrisy. Whom are we fooling? We very well know that English is very essential in India to get educated. This is one of the potential reasons that the students remain dull in India or they try to mug up things and score marks. Very small percentage of students are those who really understand what they write during their exams. If one knows the language well, they don’t have to mug up the facts and figures. They just need to remember and put them on paper. Had we not changed the education language as English, we would have already had many scientist minds in India and could even compete Japan. I have great respect and regards for Japan. (Everyone knows the patriotism each citizen exhibit there.)

I recently went to a school with one of my friends for admission of her son, the little baby had to now start those learning years. I generally asked the principal of the school regarding their conversing language. He was assuring us that we will explain in Hindi, you don’t have to worry. But well, that is what the matter of worry is. Remember if a south Indian employee suddenly gets a transfer to north India. The lady of a house is a kannadiga, first few days it would be really hard for her to talk to her maid and make her understand the house hold chores, And since the north Indian maid only knows Hindi she is less interested to learn the new language. But the lady of the house has to learn hindi because she needs to get the job done. In other words, need of the hour. Gradually, she starts picking up words by body language and signs. Within a month, she is comfortable understanding the language and for sure will speak one day eventually. 
This is exactly the same with kids, if a nursery teacher talks to the child in English, the child might take a couple of days to understand but will eventually start talking in English. I bet, the child has no resistance to learn and will learn much faster than expected. 

I know a friend of mine, who is a kannada Brahmin, married to a tulu(another sub language of karnataka) guy. She started conversing with her son in English, Kannada, Tulu and Hindi. Since the child had to register 4 languages at a time, initially the child would mix up words, but today the boy is 10 years old and can speak all 4 language fluently. This is the magic of learning in early years. 

My dear friends, I have only one thing to say, either make Hindi as our National language and use it in our education system and then see the flight any student of India takes, or let everyone of us learn English which is globally accepted by everyone. And show the world "Vasudeva kutumbam" by using one common language "English".


  1. Wonderful lines having no hypocritical tinge. Really nice one and well and minutely observed writing.

  2. Thank you... Please do read my next upcoming blog on "LIFE IS SIMPLE"

  3. Yes of course, education medium must have in either our country language Hindi OR English, all over the India, in each & every institution .
    Local language of the state & Either English OR hindi should be compulsory.

  4. Thank you for sharing your veiw yogesh


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