Technology - A Boon or a Curse

Technology-A Boon or a Curse

Today, each person is in hangover of using the most recent gadget. Every new gadget has new technology in it, every new technology brings in a little more of ease to work along with style. A large number of youth, aging between 16 and 30 or even greater than 30 years of age are overwhelmed with the idea of getting a newer gadget.

Mainly the gadget includes mobiles, laptops, ipads, ipods, wrist watches, etc. This trend seems to carry away everyone as easy as carrying light feathers. Nobody is contented in this arena, if there is a new one, ditch the old and get the new one now. For all those who purchase this, is a BOON.(Oh really!!!) This could be because of the show-off between people, status quo, I am the best, I am with latest, etc. Parents often listen to their teen age children, take their suggestion while upgrading their gadgets(rather down grading!!!). Any person who needs a cell phone or a laptop, should check whether the requirements(will narrate a story on this in later paragraph) I have are fulfilled or not, but most of them end up taking the latest and use not more than 30% of the new features available in it; thereby wasting substantial amount of money while doing so.

Ditching the old gadgets are not for free, they carry anonymous negativity while there are deserted. Hardly anyone wants to know how much they are troubling the mother EARTH while doing this.The social media on the other hand makes any wise person go crazy. Anybody who prepares the mind that "no I am not addicted", would be unable to leave the sight of it one after other until half an hour. (I am referring to facebook.) Have heard of Hanuman's tail from Ramayan, YES, the facebook wall is the same and we watch and waste the most precious time of life watching either the repeated posts or unnecessary posts.

Have you ever thought about this, Firstly, If my basic nature is mankind, I don't have to watch the series of videos to realize that. I will posses that for my lifetime. Then why simply watch that and give a like to it to make the person who posted it aware that yes you liked it?? Secondly, By watching videos of being good or anything useful or worthwhile, do we change ourselves... Think about it.... The answer is a NO. Nobody can change their attitude by watching those posts or reading good quotations... Life is the only teacher with the tool named experience, which will teach us how to change when to change. A person when compelled to changed on his own is the only way to bring changes in oneself. Back to the point... So facebook is a CURSE.. you waste precious time not doing studies as a student, not conversing with grand parents, parents and siblings as a teenager and you dont give time to your spouse and children as father/mother. Ultimately ditching the right way of living and adapting the superficial way of modern culture. For all the grownup parents; For three days try to switch off the facebook and whatsapp, you will see the life with more real colors. Play with your children pretendng yourself as a child... and realize it is so much fun to be with them. Talk to your teenage kids; explain them how to deal with their adolescent experiences. Give them your own example and make them feel "IT IS OK".

The same goes with Whatsapp, most often the texts are about sarcastic comments on wives; and see the agony, every women is cherishing it and forwarding it to others. Have we lost our self respect? Why are we accepting any low gauged statements? Are we preparing our daughters that "yes, its a part of any women's life". This is really shameful. Then comes the Good Morning and God Loving people. Not sure how many of them even feed a hungry old person in the nearby street. Is God giving extra marks for this forward?? Not sure... You love God; pray, have faith, spread the word of prayer by action rather than jpg and image files. Help the needy, love every other person, remove hate from your heart. This is all God wants from a human being. Yes, its a BOON when used wisely. I need to quickly send details of the medicines, click and send.. many more such needs are a real boon in whatsapp. Its up to us, whether we are trying to be wiser than before or we are ditching our memory and putting a halt to making right decisions.

I have a very good friend of mine, who is very sensitive about not harming nature as far as possible. Even the sprint of getting the latest, doesn't seem to fascinate her in any way. She is also a mother of 2 lovely daughters, and exclaims that she doesnt give more than required to them, the child should learn to be contented. Contention brings happiness in anyone's life. I would like to quote few of her everyday follows which will make you think twice.

  1. She once explained her daughters to reuse the outer pen when the refill ends. The children did ask the mom that was she being miser while doing so. Both her daughters would need gel pens every 5 days once, she explained her kids about the outer covering used in the pen is made up of plastic, most of these plastics are not recyclable. And moreover the time, money and effort spend in making of this one single outer cover should be respected. Unless, it is of no more use or it breaks, it can be reused. So the dear daughters understood the reality behind mom's decision and respected it. They get gel refills and reuse the same pen every time. As per calculation in 200 days, she has reduced almost 80 outer pen made of plastic being thrown in garbage.
  2. When she goes to a copier shop, she advised the person there to take the copy on other side too instead of taking it on a new sheet. The shop keeper smiled sarcastically and replied, it would still cost you Rs.2/-. She had wit in her eyes, she replied, lets look at it from a bigger umbrella, I know it will not reduce the cost to Re.1/- but it will surely save a A4 sheet in this world. To make one 10 ream of A4 sheet, half a tree is used. On one hand, we are striving hard to plant trees for the next generations to breathe and on the other hand, we are killing those trees and using them to make papers and waste it generously!!!
She did her bit... Do we all consider these at all??
Why am I talking of this ? while I was discussing on gadgets?? The next question will answer this. 
I suppose 80% will agree yes, and some may have more than these numbers too. Have you thought about how are we going to dispose it???

E-waste means the discarded waste of electronic items such as computers, laptops, mobiles, TV and refrigerator (these are just few examples). Processors are most frequently outdated; due to software not compatibility/optimized.  Due to rapid growth in technology and newer versions coming into the market, the e-waste is growing many folds. One more reason to it is, the prices being slashed down in these electronic markets. Even though technical solutions are available for this problem of E-Waste, implementing is not found anywhere.

 As per wikipedia in 2012, An estimated 50 million tons of e-waste are produced each year. Out of which only 15-20% of e-waste is recycled. The rest of it directly enters into the landfills or incinerators.

Hazards to mother nature while processing the dismantling and disposing of e-waste:

  • Lead, Cadmium and Mercury - Children nervous system are very susceptible to damage
  • Mercury -Sensory impairment, dermatitis, memory loss and muscle weakness are caused. It reduces fertility, hinders growth and development.
  • Cadmium - Damages the lungs and kidney. Reduces learning, behavior, neuromotor skills in children.
  • And many more.....

Buddha's Story on the used Robe...

One day, one of the disciples of Buddha said, Oh master! the robe which i have been wearing for many days is not a condition to wear it anymore. Please suggest, what can I do with this robe?

Buddha replied, Use this as a curtain till the time you think it is worth using as curtain.

After few days, the disciple came back and asked again, Oh master! the robe which i have been using as a curtain for many days is not a condition to use it anymore. Please suggest, what can I do with this robe?

Buddha replied, Use this as a dusting cloth for cleaning purpose till the time you think it is worth using as dusting cloth.

Again, few days passed by, the disciple came back and asked again, Oh master! the robe which i have been using as a dusting cloth for many days is not a condition to use it anymore as it is torn. Please suggest, what can I do with this robe?

Buddha replied, Use this as a swooping cloth for cleaning purpose till the time you think it is worth using as swooping cloth.
Few days later, the disciple came back and asked again, Oh master! the robe which i have been using as a swooping cloth for many days is not a condition to use it anymore. Please suggest, what can I do with this robe? I cannot see anymore utility of it.

Buddha replied, Use this as a wicks to all the lamps in the premises, since the cloth now has become very soft and can be braided easily. This cloth will complete its journey by providing light to all of us and will not harm the environment anymore.

This is how Buddha taught us to make use of a simple things in our life, living with contention and not harming the environment.

Not very long back, just 3 decade back, children still went to colleges, parents never doubted their safety. It was this positive attitude in life which kept the aura positive all the time from not just few but 90% of parents. And yes, the children surely returned back safe from college. It is important from each of us to think positive all the time and have positive vibrations, this will reduce or rather avoid mishappenings in ones life.
Every important news reached any person on time. Those days not all houses had telephone, but the neighborhood relation were as good as a family. Those relations are vanishing these days. Lets be contented if we want to lead a happier and simple life.
I heard a couple of days back that the robotics have gone far beyond thinking, you cook a recipe and the AI(Artificial Intelligence) will capture every move of yours and will replicate the next time you want to cook the same recipe.... Just imagine, where will we search for "MAA KE HAATH KA KHANA", the immense love ingredient that MAA used to add while cooking....

Think about it before you purchase another gadget...

Thanks for reading...

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  1. As everyone knows technology always remains in all the work all the times. When the sea churning was done by the gods and by the devils ; it was a joint venture, for every work needs a helpfull hand even by the evils as well, they use a fine techniq at that time. Having sheshnag ( the huge serpent ; the bed of lord vishnu at his residence ie. Vaikunth. ) this technically done sea churning gave them ambrosia and other priceless things. The main fact here also remain here as in these days. When we use technologies good and bad outcomes we get at the same time. The same result was happened at that time of the sea curning. Both ambrosia and venoms were got , but we had the great lord shiva to drink the poison for the good sake of the people, which we miss these days. We need lord shiva in ourself so that the poisonous fruit of today's so called technology can be eaten up for the good sake of the generations.

    1. Good Thought Arvind. This is exactly what I am wanted from the young Generation. One should wisely think on how much quality time he/she mus spend on these gadgets. Bring the Shiva out of yourself... and Technology will remain a BOON.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  2. Very nicely written! We have been lucky to see both sides of life..the human connection when technology had not invaded our lives and the immense benefits that technology has brought to our lives. We have a greater responsibility towards the next generation to ensure that technology does not become a curse. The article is very apt!

  3. Thank you sandhya for your comments how ever we can still continue to keep away technology as far as possible from childhood for our kids so that they are not to dependent too much on technology .


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